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Using Your Diffusion Jewelry to Enjoy the Benefits of Aromatherapy.

When I discovered in 2016 that lava rock was absorbent & could be used to apply my favorite essential oil, I got excited & started creating bracelets to wear aromatherapy on the go. That summer I started selling my diffusion bracelets locally in Radium Hot Springs B.C.

I didn’t expect to take off the way it did, & it certainly makes doing markets easier when you don’t have to explain to each person what your product does. Most potential customers already know what diffusion jewelry is, Yay happy dance! However I see many people don’t know how to use the jewelry safely, & with an increasingly amount of sellers targeting young children to use these products, I felt I need to share some safety tips to use diffusion jewelry safely.

Choose a Essential Oil or Blend, apply 1-2 drops of essential oil to the lava rocks, wait until absorbed or dry before wearing. Inhale to enjoy the Aroma. Depending on scent some blends or essential oils last longer than others, once the scent has faded you can switch to another scent. For youth we recommend to dilute the essential oil before applying to jewelry, or allow the completely dry before wearing.

*It is not recommended to apply pure essential oils directly to skin, as it could cause unpleasant reactions. For more information on essential oil safety from the British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapy go to:

Always practice safe essential oil use. 🙂

~Jessica Hill Registered Aromatherapist/Reiki Master/Oracle Card Reader

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