Chakra Blends

Chakra Blends are intuitively blended to help balance the seven energy centers of the body. The chakras reflect different aspects of your life, and knowing which chakras may need work can help you feel more balanced, or centered. We recommend smelling each unique blend to see which you are drawn to, or schedule a chakra balancing session to measure your chakras to see which need attention.

The seven Chakras can be briefly summarized as:

  • Crown Chakra- Connection, & Inspiration
  • Third Eye Chakra- Intuition & Spirituality
  • Throat Chakra Communication & Truth
  • Heart Chakra- Love & Relationships
  • Solar Plexus Chakra- Confidence & Abundance
  • Sacral Chakra- Passion & Creativity
  • Root Chakra- Foundation & Family

Within our Aromatherapy products we use 100% pure essential oils from Canadian wholesalers, which are sourced from ethical & trusted distilleries around the world to create our blends. When selecting an essential oil we look at quality, source, how Aromatherapist’s have rated it, and it’s aroma. As these are hand blended, the scent can vary from batch to batch.

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