Gemstone Malas

Mala~ Rose Quartz, Agate, & Carnelian for Passion, creativity, & love.

Mala beads are a string of beads traditionally used in prayer or meditation. They are also a beautiful reminder of our intentions.

Mala beads have been used in Buddhism and Hinduism practice for centuries. Buddhists malas are often made with different types of wood. In Hinduism, you will find malas made with rudraksha, which is a seed that is considered to be holy, & brings protection to the wearer.

Malas can be made from gemstones that match the intention of your practice, and often malas are placed in shrines as a reminder of affirmations. Malas are also referred to as mala beads, Buddhist beads or Buddhist prayer beads.

There are several mala styles, Mantra, Tibetan, & Zen Style. Some malas are made with only 108 beads, a guru, and/or a tassel. Our Malas stick to the 108 pattern with the addition to marker beads (lava rocks) at certain intervals depending on the style being used. We can also design a custom Mala just for you.


Mala~ Amazonite for communication.


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